Tuesday, April 19

Mojoba7 Face Mask Natural Botox Extender

 The antioxidants and the nutrients present in our Mojoba7 skin rejuvenation system can help to curb the activity of free radicals on the skin. The free radicals are the agents that cause damage to the skin tissues and pave way for skin wrinkles.

Vitamin-C is an extremely effective antioxidant, thus reducing the effects of free radicals. Vitamin C is a skin care vitamin that helps stimulate the growth of collagen L-ascorbic acid serves as a skin tightening agent, making Mojoba7  an excellent botox extender treatment. With regard to anti wrinkle skin care, vitamin C may help reduce fine lines that form around the eyes and mouth as we grow older Vitamin C also helps repair sun damaged skin.

Calcium is the most abundant mineral in the human body, and controls more than 300 bodily functions. Although calcium is not an antioxidant, it does play a crucial role in the production of some antioxidants. A deficiency in calcium can lead to dry, itchy skin and premature wrinkles.

The skin’s calcium content regulates cell differentiation (and cell division) and controls the thickness of the epidermis. As a second skin function, calcium regulates normal skin colour by stimulating melanocytes (pigment producing cells) at the same time it causes differentiation of immature cells. Lastly, calcium regulates lipid barrier processes.  Peeling, micro dermabrasion and cold winter weather strip the skin’s moisture barrier.  High calcium content in the upper epidermis helps maintain continual and efficient barrier functions.

Potassium helps in muscle control and with new cell growth - new cell growth includes new skin cells, leading to a more vibrant complexion. Iron deficiency 
is quite common with women and can cause a dull and pale look to your skin - this is due to a lack of red blood cells being carried throughout the body.

Zinc is an antioxidant that helps speed up the healing of your skin cells. Zinc is used by many to prevent premature aging of the skin. For nearly a century zinc ointments have been a common natural skin care treatment for dry skin, acne, dermatitis, rashes, cuts, eczema, and just about every other skin problem. About 20 percent of the zinc in our bodies is in the skin, and it is vital element for any natural skin care routine, zinc helps prevent and
treat infections and other skin conditions.

When nutrition is lacking the skin is subject to many abnormalities. Dryness of the skin is found in individuals lacking vitamin A, C, linoleic acid and any one of several B vitamins. Linoleic acid is an essential acid the skin must have that helps control the level of oils or sebum in the skin.

Lack of linoleic acid causes oily skin, blocked pores and acne breakouts. So it makes perfect sense to increase the linoleic acid levels in the skin to help normalise oily skin, clear pimples and effectively stop acne breakouts. The skin cannot produce linoleic acid and that this essential acid or skin nutrient can only be derived from food or from skincare enriched with this skin food.

Stretch marks result from body proteins being destroyed to an extent that scars have taken the place of weakened tissues. Vitamin A combined with a high protein diet has been found useful in reducing these marks.

The eczema like skin condition psoriasis results from the faulty utilisation of fats. People with this condition have excessive amounts of cholesterol in their skin and blood, psoriasis is helped by Vitamin A, B and phospholipids. Eczemas result from many deficiencies from essential fatty acids or almost any one of the B vitamins. Dry scaly skin can be healed with supplements of linoleic acid and vitamin B2 and biotin. Scratchy, itching skin can be combated by vitamin B.

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