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Mojoba7 Rejuvenation System תזונה Intelligent

Mojoba7 Skin Rejuvenation System 

Clarity is more that a state of mind with this active Organic Detox Face Mask. Detoxifies the skin and cleanses pores, preventing blackheads and comedones.

Key Results:
•    Extracts impurities
•    Heals blemishes
•    Lifts dead skin cells
•    Reveals clear luminous skin

•    Smooths wrinkles
•    Helps balance bad skin

Mojoba7 is Natural and Organic. Organic Detox Facial Masque Contains:
100% of the total ingredients are of Natural Origin

100% of the total vegetal ingredients are Organic Ingredients
100% of the total ingredients proceed from Certified Organic Farming

100% of the total ingredients proceeds from Women's Cooperatives

Discover the beauty secret of our innovative Mojoba7 skin rejuvenation system, an excellent source of trace minerals which can contribute to the strength of our connective tissue.

The nutritional skin benefits include an innovative recipe of phyto-chemicals, amino acids, vitamins and amino acids.  Intelligent nutrition for your skin! 

This organic formula super-charges your skin with protective antioxidants, protects against aging free radicals and the minerals works to hydrate, tighten and nurture your skin. The renewing strength of our tree of life formula is designed to achieve maximum penetration for a true brightening effect, leaving your skin renewed and radiant.

Who is it for:
Anyone with normal to oily skin (great maintenance treatment).
Also ideal for anyone with congested skin, scars, blemishes, blackheads or skin needing a softening, exfoliation treatment. This mask is not stripping or drying and can be used by people with dry skin who suffer from blemishes or blackhead, or any other form of “congested“ skin.

Why it’s amazing
•    Reduce blemishes by 72%*
•    Diminish oiliness by 74%*
•    Even complexion by 84%*
•    Refines pores

Got a blemish? Apply a dab of Mojoba7 as a night-time spot treatment.

50g. / 1.7oz

Wild Harvest Pharma

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