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The Baobab Tree Regional Names बुद्धिमान पोषण

Kremetartboom, kremetart (Afrikaans)
Humier (fruit), hamao, gungole (fruit), teidoum, tebeldi, tabaldi, hamaraya (Arabic)
Mubuyu (Bemba); mapou zombi (Creole)
Sour gourd, monkey bread tree, lemonade tree, baobab, cream-of-tartar tree, guinea tamarind, upside-down tree (English)
Pain de singe, calebassier, mapou etranger, arbre aux calabasses, mapou zombi (French)
Boki, bokchi (Fula)
Affenbrotbaum (German)
kuka (Hausa)
Gorakh-imli, gorakh-cinch, gorak amla, khura-sani-imli, gorak ali, gorak lichora, kapla-vriksha (Hindi)
Muyu, mubuyu (Lozi)
Sito, sira (Mandinka)
Mlambe, mkulukumba, mbuyu (Nyanja)
Aliha gaha (Sinhala)
Yak (Somali)
Mbuyu (Swahili)
Anaipuli, paparapulia, perruka, anaipuliya-maram (Tamil)
Momret, hermer banba, kommer, duma (Tigrigna)
Mubuyu (Tongan)
Mowana (Tswana)
Bui, buee, goui, gui, gwi (Wolof)
IsiMuku, umShimulu, isiMuhu (Zulu)

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  1. If you do not see thhe local name for baobab wher you come from please send a post to share with our readers.