Thursday, June 18

Famous Baobab Trees

In January 1832 Charles Darwin stumbled on the great baobab trees on Cape Verde
 The French botanist adamson found a baobab tree off the coast of Dakar engraved with the markings of mariners including the coat of arms of Heney the navigator(1444).
At Dakfo Niger a baobab sacred to the Imannnen Tuareg is inscribed with symbols and magic texts from Tifinagh script.

A baobab near Diourbel Senegal the ancient capital of the woolof people is engraved with strange inscriptions and drawings of animals.

A baobab tree called Bulgers Tree marks the site of a massacre of British troops by the Madhist troops during the Sudan uprising.

A baobab called the look out tree stands at Victoria falls giving a panoramic view of the waterfall.
When David Livingston died inn 1873 is heart was buried under a baobab tree, now known as Livingston’s memorial at Chitambo village Zambia.

Mutotas's baobab is the burial site for the grave of the great Shona warrior of Zimbabwe, it is one of the most sacred sites for thhe Shona people.

A hollow baobab at Outapi has been used as a fortress, post office and chapel.

Near Tipshipsie there is an ancient baobab with a girth of 27m reputed to be over 4500 years old.
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