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Probiotic Baobab Good For Seniors インテリジェント栄養

 Probiotic products are living microbial food supplements, which beneficially affect the host animal by selectively stimulating the growth and/or activity of beneficial micro flora improving its intestinal microbial balance. Wild Harvest Pharma baobab is both probiotic and prebiotic.
Digestive health is a concern for many people, particularly senior consumers who often find that their taste preferences change and the appetite can decrease. Probiotics and prebiotics are powerful immunity boosters, which can help senior consumers to fend off common viruses and generally increase well being. Senior consumers are becoming aware of the need to improve overall immunity levels in order to boost general health and to help prevent illness.

Dietary Fibers and Prebiotic activity
Baobab supplies a quantity of soluble (22.54%) and insoluble (22.04%) fibers which can reach up to about 45 grams per 100 grams of product. Dietary fiber has by now been established as an important component of our diet, as it can affect manifold aspects of the digestive physiology. Frequent consumption of dietary fiber associated with a diet rich in vegetables, cereals and fruit has been related to a reduction of the risk of onset of neo-plasia of the digestive system, in particular colon-rectal cancer. Dietary fibers stimulate intestinal micro flora acting as a probiotic. 

Dietary fibers are important for:
Stabilizing blood glucose levels.
Suppressing cholesterol synthesis by the liver.
Stimulating production of T helper cells, antibodies, leukocytes, cytokines and lymph mechanisms.
Increasing proliferation of colonic bacteria beneficial for intestinal health.
Improving barrier properties of the colonic mucosal layer, inhibiting inflammatory and adhesion irritants. 
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