Saturday, March 28

Food For Thoughts Matching Funds

An African proverb says that it takes a whole village to raise a child. And it is this premise, that children are everyone’s responsibility that is the driving force behind the Food For Thought Matching Funds Project.

All parents want their children to be healthy. As school aged children go through remarkable physical changes of all kinds, their food intake becomes a critical aspect of this growth and development. Recent research shows that nourishing food not only makes a child healthier, it makes him emotionally more stable, and it improves school performance. It appears then that paying attention to our children's diets pays high dividends.

To give kids a smart start in life, we have started the Food For Thought Matching Funds Project to provide a healthy vitamin enriched baobab drink to as many school children in The Gambia as our donors permit.

Matching Funds
We are a small company but how do you eat an elephant? Thats right, one bite at a time.Through partnership with Wild Harvest Pharma Food For Thought, your donation can touch more lives! 

If you are interested in working with us to bring about lasting change in schools around the Gambia, contact us for further details.

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