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Mojoba Health Supplement for Lactating Mothers

Mojoba Intelligent Nutrition

Lactating Mothers
A new born baby needs three things, the warm embrace of its mother, food from her breast and security in the knowledge of her presence. Breast feeding satisfies all three at once.

Breast milk is the natural and complete food for infants. It is safe, inexpensive and provides all nutrients most babies need for the first 6 months of life. Research has shown that breastfed babies far healthier and are less like to suffer from eczema, food allergy and respiratory illness than formula-fed babies. Babies exclusively breastfed have less chance of developing diabetes mellitus type 1 and tests have shown a higher intelligence level.

We all know instinctively that breast milk is the ultimate food prescribed by nature for the infant child and Mojoba can be instrumental in helping mothers produce more of this precious food. The importance of certain nutrients during the gestation period (notably folic acid for the prevention of spina bifida) solidifies the need for a food supplement that gives the body a complete array of nutrients in a safe natural bio-available form.

It's very important for the newborns to get vital nutrients such as good fats (DHA and EPA) for brain development immune system protectors, digestible protein, the amino acids argenine and histamine plus many others as soon as possible to start the process of total body development. Nothing is better at supplying those nutrients than breast milk fortified from a mother taking Mojoba health supplement.

The natural constituents of Mojoba are nature's answer to helping mothers produce copious amounts of highly nutritious milk for their infants. Galactogogue is term given an herb or food that increases the flow or production of breast milk, Mojoba as a galactogogue increases maternal serum prolactin levels, prolactin is the most important hormone in the initiation of lactation.

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