Wednesday, July 14

Mojoba and Cholesterol

Many people have abnormal fatty substances- of which part is cholesterol- deposited in the walls of the arteries, a condition known as atherosclerosis. These deposits can narrow the channels through which blood blocking circulation. A blockage limiting the blood supply can lead to cataracts, diabetes, high blood pressure, strokes and delay recovery from almost every illness.In an attempt to correct atherosclerosis much attention has been focused on fats, which during digestion are broken down into fatty acids. Fats that are solid are predominately saturated fats and come from cooking oils, butter, lard and all meats, polyunsaturated fats come from liquids like fish oil. The body and blood of people free from atherosclerosis contain a high percentage of polyunsaturated fats.
Mojoba contains both Alpha Linolenic Acid and Conjugated Linolenic Acid which are essential for cholesterol and saturated fats to be neutralised. The importance of phosdphollpids is crucial to reduce cholesterol levels in the body. Phosdphollpids are produced by the liver, passes into the intestine and is absorbed into the blood stream. It helps in the transportation of fats and aids the cells to remove fats and cholesterol.

All atherosclerosis is characterised by an increase of the blood cholesterol and a decrease in phosdphollpids, therefore phosdphollpids is a powerful emulsifying agent and is very important in preventing and correcting atherosclerosis.

Cholesterol can be made from fat, sugar, opr indirectly from protein. Phosdphollpids however consists of several substances which require essential fatty acids and the B vitamins choline, inositol, and other nutrients all of which are contained in Mojoba health supplement.

Phosdphollpids cannot be synthesized in the body without enzymes containing Vitamin B6 and is only active if magnesium is present. Every nutrient appears to help to prevent atherosclerosis, pectin reduces high cholesterol, Vitamin B accelerates the production of bile salts, thus decreasing the cholesterol in the blood. Cholesterol is produced 6 X more rapidly when Vitamin C is under supplied in our diets, A Diet high in magnesium, pectin, Vitamin C, Vitamin B, choline and inositol is available in nature’s nutritional Mojoba health supplement.

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