Thursday, July 1

Mojoba7 Baobab Health Supplement

Antioxidant-Probiotic- Gluten Free-Zero Additives-Ready to Mix

Our nutraceutical baobab fruit powder is sustainably wild harvested from the tree of life known for its unique vital force and longevity.
This functional food has 6 X as much vitamin C as an orange, 3 X more calcium than milk, more iron than red meat and is a plentiful source of anti-oxidants.

The objective of Wild Harvest Pharma is to provide a certified source of quality controlled botanical health and beauty supplements for consumers worldwide
interested in high value organic functional foods with a wide range of health benefits.

Wild Harvest Pharma’s mission is to promote and develop sustainable agro-forestry in Africa for the mutual benefit of its people and its biodiversity.

Our triple bottom line goal is promoting environmental, social and financial sustainability by sourcing, developing and bringing to market exotic
botanicals from Africa with multiple applications and a high nutrition and health value.

All our Mojoba supplements are classed as a functional food ("rich in specific nutrients and phyto-chemicals and are promoted as being able to
improve health condition and/or disease prevention.").

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