Sunday, February 15

Baobab Fruit May Help Diarrhoea Интеллектуальные питания

 The typical diet of indigenous African populations, in particular children, is characterised by a low-calorie, low-protein vegetable and floury diet, lacking milk, and may potentially lead to rickets and cause organic disorders such as diarrhea and/or dysentery. The particularity of Baobab fruit pulp is that it is effective against diarrhea. 

Wild Harvest Pharma baobab fruit powder has traditionally used against diarrhoea, scurvy, cough, dysentery, small pox and measles. Several scientific studies have been performed such as on its anti-diarrheic properties (Tal-Dia et al., 1997); demonstrating its anti inflammatory, analgesic (pain killing) and antipyretic (temperature reducing) properties (Ramadan et al., 1993); its effect against sickle cell anemia (Adesanya, Id-owu, Elujoba, 1988). Studies on the prebiotic effect of the fruit pulp were performed by the University of Piacenza (Milza, 2002).

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